Patient Testimonials

Matt Wallace 

Matt has been influential to how I perform on the golf course. Thanks to him, I can practice and play pain free and also travel the world knowing I won’t pick up any injuries. Thanks Matt. Highly recommend. 5* 

Saskia Bosch

Matt is without a doubt one of the best osteopaths I have ever known. He is able to understand very quickly what is wrong with your body and offers a good comprehensive solution without forcing any of the joints. With Matt's wide experience you know you are in safe hands, whether you have a serious injury, just a little 'niggle' or if you just want to keep your body in good shape. Highly recommended & reasonably priced superb osteopathy treatments.

Keith Ashton

Matt is a very understanding and supportive Osteopath. When we first met he promised to get me off of a walking stick following a hip injury. He was as good as his word, regular maintenance check ups has ensured my condition is kept under control. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking for a first class Osteopath.

Simon Valentine-Marsh

I have suffered with neck pain and migraines for many years, Matt has helped me turn a corner and believe in my body and the ability to not be reliant on painkillers. His care is second to none and I have tried many other options historically including Physio and Chiropractor. Matt discusses your symptoms and triggers and tailors his treatment to you. I really cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Matt!

Toby Varney

Matt is 100% professional and focussed on getting you back in action, with an uncanny instinct for the surest path to a successful treatment. He is also a warm and generous character who creates a relationship with the client that promotes recovery. Highly recommended.

Anne-marie Fallon

Matt is a truly hollistic practitioner and works to restore you to your best by finding out all about you, your body and how the injury occurred. I felt very safe in his care and he worked methodically to get me back to being able to use my injured arm and shoulder. I would definetly refer him to friends and family. Thank you Matt.

Tom Cowle

Many thanks to Matt for sorting me out! Would thoroughly recommend him to anyone - and have done since! Thanks Matt

Bradley Scott

Very friendly and professional, treated my injury and helped me understand what I can do to ensure I don’t get injured the same way again.


As a horse rider I've had many falls. Having seen a number of specialists from chiropractors, physios to back specialists, the only person that has helped me has been Matt. He also worked on the children using cranial in particular in their earlier years to help with sleep, which was successful

Naomi Thorne
I would highly recommended the Devon pain clinic. Matt explains what he is doing and why, is very professional and shows a genuine interest in my sporting goals.
My arms have been pain free for the first time in several years, a marvellous addition to the leisure centre. Thanks
Charlie Hodgkinson

Friendly, knowledgeable and an expert at what he does.

Whilst I didn't have many issues to begin with, with the sessions I've had and the exercises I've been given post session, I can safely say that I've seen a marked improvement in my flexibility as well on going issues like headaches and sleep.

Couldn't ask for a better Osteo!!

Nelson Salvatorelli

Matt has a very unique and effective way of treating body aches and pains. I have benefited from Matt’s expertise for various issues around neck, back, shoulder, arms and legs. Recently I’ve had a major setback due to a cycling accident which required a lot of progressive treatment. After a few sessions I was able to recover my mobility and follow his advice for exercises and other mobility techniques to improve also on my own. I would recommend Matt for any treatment of bone and soft tissue injuries and specially for sports related injuries to aid muscle recovery and get back to normal performance.